Thursday, 9 January 2014

Explosive Dildo Mod

A simple CLEO  mod made by me ..Just for fun..
By this mod you can create deadly explosions  near you by a the useless dildo..



Author: Arijit Sen

Speedometer with effects

This mod will add a speedometer with some effects.
CLEO script by me.

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GTA San Andreas HUD & Color Changer

GTA SanAndreas HUD & Color changer

Presenting you a new mod of mine by which you can edit the HUD Colors,texts,spheres & markers.Check the screenies to know more.
Currently it is in BETA Stage but very soon it would be released.

Here are some screenshots:

My recent mod release for GTA SanAndreas:

Script changer

GTA SA Script Changer

GTA San Andreas Script Changer

A must have resource for all modders & mod lovers.
Ever tried to run 2 main.SCMs in one single game?If yes then you ought to use it.

GTA SA Script Changer makes you able to load a different main.SCM named as Mod1.scm so that you don't have to replace your old main.SCM for any other script mods.
This application also helps you run GTA SA without the intro video which comes up when you start.This mod is really helpful for both modders as well as mod users who don't wanna replace their SCM file everytime.

Easier mod installation isn't it ?
If you would like to run more than 2 main.scm then contact me & I will send you the separate launchers.

Created by:
Arijit Sen

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All Vehicle Radio

All Vehicle Radio

By help of this CLEO mod you can play every radio station in every vehicle.
In GTA SA u can't play radio in all vehicles(like police cars) but now with this mod you can..;)f


Any comments or opinons..? This was my first good try with Memory scripting.. :_^^:

Author: Arijit Sen (TheGodFather)